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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by jimthing, May 29, 2013.

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    I have 2 Promise R6's (got a great deal on them second hand!).

    I am planning on using the first R6#1 as my main file storage device (all my files on it), with the second R6#2 being a backup of the first R6 (both in RAID 5 mode), meaning:

    R6#1 (file storage) ==> R6#2 (backup of R6#1)

    So the big question I need answering is:
    What is the best solution for backing-up from one R6 to the other R6? (or any other backup set-up suggestions or general set-up ideas anyone can offer to me?).

    I'm thinking cloning is not the solution, as faults would be copied straight across, and I'm also pretty sure that TimeMachine cannot backup one external to another external? Is there perhaps a utility that can save files to two external drives simultaneously?

    Some background on my Mac Mini set-up:
    I have a 2012 Mac Mini (as the boot/apps machine only), which has a 256gb SSD and the OEM Apple 1TB HDD. The SSD has the boot/apps, with the HDD having two partitions 260gb/740gb, with the 260gb part being a clone of the SSD, and the 740gb part being a TimeMachine incremental backup of the SSD.

    This, I hope, means I can boot from the clone on the HDD if the SSD fails, and/or use the TM backups to reinstate anything (OS/apps/temp files) back to the SSD from the incremental backups it does.

    This stuff sure gets complicated quickly! Thanks in advance.
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    I use Intego Backup Manager Pro software. You can schedule it or do it manually.
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    With the introduction of Mountain Lion, Time Machine gained the ability to back-up multiple disks; including external to external. Generally works, but I've had a few problems when backing up multiple externals and one has gone to sleep while its backing up the other. Usually resolved by shutting down and restarting.
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    If you run both NAS devices using a clone/time Machine backup of the drive. On the second NAS would move you iTunes Library (How To move your iTunes library to an external).

    Plus if you plane to use a NAS for time Machine read the blog post Configuring OS X Mountain Lion Time Machine to Work With CIFS (SMB) Share.

    Lastly consider moving your iPhoto/Aperture Library to an external also (Move Your iPhoto Library to an External to Save Space).

    This way you use an SSD inside your Mac mini and have good backup with RAIDs from the NAS boxes.
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    Mar 23, 2013
    I have a similar set up to you but with different encolsures.

    I use SuperDuper. It has a small cost but has good backup options and scheduling. I use a disk to disk copy with 'smart update' so it only has to update the new files, and schedule it to run each night whiel I am asleep.

    You can also use Super Duper to back up the image of the OS and other disks onto your main pegusus drive so you have multiple copies of them also.

    It is also good for backing up drives into single image files. I do this whenever I but a new Mac so I keep an image of the original OEM OS so I can always restore it to factory if needed for warranty or if I have hardware issues.

    SD has a small cost but worth its weight in gold.

    Also if you want to save to 2 drives simaltaneously you could try RAID-1 through Apple Software RAID in the disk utility. But I am not sure how that gets around not cloning faults across. That will still happen, just in real time.
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    In Terminal rsync -arv --dry-run --delete /Volumes/R6#1/ /Volumes/R6#2/ should do it if you like what it will do then remove the --dry-run to have it actually done, if wanting graphics when doing this look at DropSync.
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    Chronosync is one of the GUI sync applications out there.

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