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    I am currently working on upgrading my storage capacity for my mid-2009 13" MacBook Pro. Currently, I have a 500GB WD hard drive in it with 4GB of RAM. I am going to be performing the storage upgrade when I do a clean install of Lion when it releases. A few constants I will be getting no matter the configuration I go for is a simple USB Blu-Ray drive for ripping Blu-Ray discs and an 8GB of RAM upgrade. I am getting a new router, so I am debating between a new Air Port Extreme or a 2TB Time Capsule.

    I've attached an image of the setup and costs. Keep in mind in the 1st column setup, I would be attaching my current 2TB HDD I use for Time Machine backup to either my MacBook Pro directly or the Time Capsule for iTunes media storage. All of these setups in the image I have attached have a goal of increasing system speed and/or capacity. iTunes currently uses around 150GB of space on my HDD and is expected to grow as my movie/tv collection grows. I've been using Handbrake to convert HQ SD videos using the "Universal" Apple preset but can see myself switching to a modified 720P "Apple TV 2" preset for Blu-Ray rips. So that will affect space.

    With these setups, iTunes is the largest user of storage space. However, it also has some of the most valuable data on my HDDs. Therefore, any setup goal is to have at least 2 copies of my iTunes library in it (one for use and one for backup).

    Some quick notes:

    1st column setup involves iTunes/iPhoto storage on connected 2TB HDD and the Time Capsule being used for Time Machine backup including the external 2TB media hard drive. I have yet to decide if I will attach the HDD to the Time Capsule or my MBP via Firewire (as it is now) as either way I should have access to it on my iPad/iPhone outside of the network through "Wake on Wireless."

    2nd column setup is a balance of speed and storage with the iTunes library on the internal 500GB HDD.

    3rd column setup is forgoing a HDD speed increase and getting an extra 250GB of internal storage with the iTunes library again residing on the internal HDD.

    4th column setup is using a connected 2.5" external 1TB HDD for iTunes storage. However, this setup is the most expensive and adds desk clutter.

    Also note that all the final numbers highlighted in green have had $450 removed from the real total. This is a combination of Amazon credit and cash already budgeted for a router.

    Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!

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    I have the 500 GB 7200 RPM / 4GB SSD Momentus XT in my early 2008 Macbook. I also popped in 4 gig of RAM (up from 2 gig). I'm quite happy. My geekbench scores were around 3050 before the upgrade and around 3300 afterward. My boot time was cut in half versus the 5400 RPM 160 Gig drive my Macbook shipped with.

    The Momentus drive is a better value than pure SSD right now as you get some of the benefits of SSD at a fraction of the cost.

    As for Blu Ray, I have no opinion. I'm still using the superdrive my Macbook shipped with and it's working fine.

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