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Mar 13, 2013
Ok, so let me start out by saying that I have the Mid 2012 MacBook Air 13" with the 128GB SSD. Not quite sure why I went with the 128GB as I should have known that it would fill up quickly but that's besides the point. My iTunes library is on an external hard drive that I also use on my Airport Extreme so when I go to backup my iPhone 128GB and iPad which is also a 128GB I need to plug that hard drive directly into the computer unless the backup won't go through. This is my work around for now, and I don't have any music that I transfer to my devices since I use spotify so it's just settings and apps that I really back up.

I'd like to see what I have for options that would increase my storage space on my MacBook Air that would be "attached" to the computer instead of having to plug something in every time I want to do a backup.

I know there is the option of an SSD, just want to find out if they are affordable these days as when I checked before they were pretty pricey. I'd also like to know if this is something that would be a DIY project. I'm sure this is the most popular option, but I've heard of some others I may be able to do.

I also heard that there is something that slips into your micro SD slot that can give you up to 128GB of extra storage and is flush with the side of the MacBook Air. Is this something I'd be able to house my iTunes library and back up to at the same time? If anyone uses this option I'd like to learn more about it.

Then there is the option of a flash drive. 128GB size preferably but I'd have to plug and unplug every time I want to use it. Not sure if this would be too much of a PIA but it could work. Are USB flash drives pretty reliable as far as not corrupting often?

If anyone could give me any insight in this it would be much appreciated. I'm sure this has been covered before on here many times but I just couldn't find it or I wasn't using the search feature correctly.

Many thanks!


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Sep 1, 2015
1. internal 250GB SSD's for the MBA run around ~$140. replacing the internal SSD is pretty simple as long as you have the correct tools.

2. Samsung has an dedicated 250GB SSD flash drive(~$115) and costs a little less than the internal one. Samsung's flash drive comes w/a limited 3yr warranty.

3. last option would still be via usb but possibly a cheaper solution, buy an internal 2.5" SSD($65-$90 roughly) and placing it an enclosure which costs less than $10 shipped. Samsung 120/250gb SSD's come w/ a 5 yr limited warranty.

you can wait until Black Friday next month for prices to go down a bit, pending on how urgent you need one and what your budget is.


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May 16, 2007
I suggest a little SD card memory. I use 128GB TheMinDrive in my 2011 13' for my iTunes library. basically its an adapter for a microSD the fits flush in the SD slot. Its easily the cheapest option for internal memory.

- BTW I've been using mine for over a year and a half. If you need more space for iTunes a program called Tunespan has worked well for me.

Transcend also make a similar SD-based memory car for both the Air and Pro
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