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    My Macbook has only 250GB harddrive but I want to store about 200GB in the icloud. How can I store documents in the cloud so I can access them from my ipad or other computers without keeping a copy on my Macbook? If this is not possible, is there a service to do this? I don't want to keep the documents on an external harddrive because I want to be able to access them when I am away from home. What allows me to keep documents only in the cloud but without a mandatory copy on the computer. Dropbox doesn't do it either. If I delete from either iCloud or Dropbox on my computer it also deletes from the cloud.
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    i would never trust the cloud only with my data....... if your wanting to store in the cloud that's what i do, bu i always have backups on local external drives..

    With Dropbox u can use "selective sync" and uncheck all boxes.

    Nothing will be local, but will be accessible with the app. I have 256 Gig SSD and have a lot of photos on Dropbox, i can't keep on my Mac due to the size.

    Keeping backup local is always best, even if u don't use i=the drive.. Keep it somewhere on a shelf, just as long as its accessible when u need it, because it service goes down for whatever reason, and they can (noting is full-proof), and u need those documents, u'd be lucky u kept a local copy somewhere..

    If storage is an issue, i keep all my stuff on external when i need it...

    Alternatively, uninstall dropbox on that machine if u don't use it..... Your files are still available. Deleting dropbox application is does not touch the account.
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    iCloud keeps a local copy on your Mac so you can't. Also you shouldn't because iCloud is NOT a primary source or a backup. It is a syncing/convenience service (same with Dropbox). You should have a local copy AND at least one backup if unimportant. If the data is important you should have at lest two backups with one off site.

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