Stories About Me, iPad Social Storytelling App for Kids with Autism and Special Needs

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    Stories About Me, an iPad storytelling application that helps kids with autism, kids with special needs and disabilities, and early learners in general is RELEASED!

    Limited Cue has released their second application called Stories About Me. The app allows children to develop their own social stories and share it with parents, teachers, friends and other Stories About Me users.

    Telling a story is a great way for kids to improve their communication skill. Stories About Me enables children illustrating their ideas into words, stimulates their creativity and strengthens memory recall skill. It's an exceptional way for kids, especially kids with autism and special needs to have fun and learn at the same time. Parents, teachers, home schoolers are also able to use this application to teach and play.

    Download for FREE Stories About Me

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Feature Highlights:

    ¥ User-friendly navigation
    ¥ Stories playback with photo, sound, and audio
    ¥ Upload photos and voice recording
    ¥ Edit and reorganize existing stories and pages.
    ¥ DropBox Integration for data’s backup and sharing with friends.

    Stories About Me is available on the Apple Application Store worldwide. It is a FREE download app allowing for creation and playback of one story. Unlimited stories and Dropbox functionality are available with a one-time in-app purchase.

    Find more about Stories About Me in Limited Cue website

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