Storing Documents Into Safari's Bookmarks


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Apr 12, 2001

One tip can could be useful to some is a trick to encode data into a "data:" url to encode all the information into one long URL. This allows you to access the URL on your iPhone even when not internet-connected. This can work for simple web applications, or even large PDF files.

Pimm describes how he used the URI Kitchen encoder to convert a PDF to be stored into a URL.

The recommended method to get this url into your iPhone is to bookmark it in your desktop Safari and allow iTunes to sync the URL to your iPhone.

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May 7, 2003
Saint Augustine, FL
As every one of these little hacks come out, I simply can not wait until the iPhone matures just a bit more. Right now, it's a teenager, suitable for flipping burgers. By years end, and we have a software update to v1.1, it'll be ready for college, and by next summer, it might actually be good at performing all it's jobs, without throwing a tantrum when asked to play a song while websurfing.

People mention wanting some sort of "finder" frequently. I guess I agree - I'd like a little bin to store files and attachments, etc, but then you have to "eject" it after syncing which lots of users don't really remember to do (guilty!). It would be nice to use it as a jump drive, if you happen to carry around the USB cable.

Speaking of Mail attachments, one thing for sure is the Mail has a LONG ways to go. It's quite simple at the moment, and the fact that sent mail shows up in the inbox as unread is infuriating. How is more developed than Mail.


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Nov 29, 2006
This is a great workaround to the problem of storing document files on the iPhone. Thanks!


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Feb 19, 2003
More hacks...

I've got my own document storing capabilities that is server driven. At present you can...

* Upload all iPhone compatible documents via desktop browser
* List, view, and delete these documents on iPhone
* Create Memos using markdown syntax (a lot like wiki) and stored as basic text files.
* Embed any uploaded image into memos
* List, edit, and delete memos
* Search all memos

Future Enhancements
* Mulit-level hierarchy for any type of folder structure you want for any type of content.
* Getting an LDAP dump for a contacts section (you can see a demo on the link below)
* ToDos Category, Contacts Category
* PIN security to expand for multiple users, and multiple folders/categories

The codebase for this was created by Steven from Panic. It provided the upload, and memo functionality. You can find the bare bones here: