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    Is there any way that I can create an alias to allow iPhoto to store some images on an external drive and some on the internal? I have enough photos that I'm filling my drive and my laptop is maxxed out. (18,000+ right now)

    I would like to be able to keep the albums and folders for indexing but to offload low priority images for retrieval only if needed.

    Right now, I have everything uploaded to KodakGallery as a backup. It also allows me to maintain the albums for easier access.

    I have been able to do this with iTunes and just have "can't find this" flag that appears if I am not connected to the external drive. It doesn't seem to work with iPhoto's storage scheme.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Hold down the option key while starting iPhoto. You will be prompted to either create a new library or choose a library. Create a new library on the external. Then move your library from your internal to the external. iPhoto will access that file until you tell it different -- by again holding down the option key and starting iPhoto. You can then create a new library on your internal for more current photos. That is what I have done. I have the last two years of photos on my internal and everything else on the external. Once a year or so, I export my rolls or events from the internal and then import them to the external, keeping everything nice and neat.

    There are specific instructions on the Apple Knowledge Base support website for doing what I have suggested.

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