Storing photos on Google photo question?

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    My daughters iphone 6s doesn't have a lot of storage and I am not paying for icoud storage.. I want her to use Google photos with unlimited storage but I have a few questions about it.
    How do I get the photos she already has on her icloud out of there and onto Google photos?
    and when she takes a photo on her phone will the photo still store in iphone Photos app on the phone, or does it go to the Google photos app? and then after it syncs to the google photos app does she have to constantly delete the phoots out of the iphone camera app?

    just confused how this works.. anyone offer help?
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    As to moving from iCloud to there a Mac or PC involved?

    On the iPhone, after you've set up Google Photos, opening it will upload all the photos and videos from from the built-in iOS Photos app. You'll have to delete them from the Photos app manually after they've synced. Deleting them moves them to a trash folder that holds them for 30 days and then deletes them permanently. You can enter the trash folder and delete them immediately, if desired.

    Google gives you 15GB of storage. If you exceed the limit, Google Photos still works but doesn't store the pictures or videos in full resolution. I don't think you'd want that to happen. You can add 100GB of storage for $20/year.
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    Google photos will copy photos from the device (iPhone, iPad, etc) to Google Photo after you take a photo and are connected on wifi, unless you specify you want to upload them with a data connection.

    For the existing photos on iCloud, you would have to copy them to the device or if too many, do it on a Mac. On the Mac, you can manually copy them to Google Photo. Google Photo is part of Google Drive. They are normally stored by year and month in separate folders on Google Drive. You can access the images with both apps.

    There is a setting in Google Photo to delete images on the device after they have been uploaded. This feature seems a bit sketchy so I have it turned off and I delete manually periodically.

    If you have unlimited Google Photo storage, turn on full size uploads because I think the default is a smaller image.
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    so after you take a photo, it will automatically go into the iphone photos app, and then google photos will automatically put it in the google cloud? then you just delete the photo out of the iphone photos app? or does that not even come into play anymore after you put the google photos app on your phone?
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    I was mistaken in my previous post. The photos will be in the iPhone photos app until you choose to delete them.
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    Google Photos gives users free, unlimited storage for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution.
    This is generally good enough for most photos.
    If you need the higher resolution, I recommend using Google Drive.

    I use both.
    Recommend you manually delete photos from your device.
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    If you're an Amazon Prime customer, you should have plenty of photo storage space. If you Google out "Amazon Storage" or even "Amazon Drive" you should see a link alluding to Amazon Cloud. You'll be presented with a few options:

    1. Base storage that comes with all accounts.
    2. Prime Photos which offers unlimited photo storage at any resolution PLUS 5 GB of video and other file storage.
    3. You then have options such as the 100 GB Amazon Digital Storage Plan for $12/yr.
    4. Or the 1 TB+ plan for $60/yr per terabyte.

    This is what I use for photos. It makes it simpler to download everything and then upload to a print service and overnight it.

    Edit: For what it's worth, you cannot beat Amazon's pricing while having their simple to use GUI and their 24/7 support.

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