iPod Story i wanted to share...


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Jan 2, 2002
Zurich, Switzerland
Hi all

this is one of my first posts so forgive me if it is in the wrong section...

This morning, something happened to me and my ipod that i wanted to share with you all. I have a second generation 15gb Ipod that i use almost daily on my way to the university. It has about a thousand song at the moment. This morning i was leaving my house and i switched it on. It chose by random the song 'Aint no sunshine' by Bill Withers...
After a few seconds my ipod 'died'...

The only sentence i listened was the first on of the very beginning of the song... so imagine me listening Bill singing the words "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone" ...' and than the ipod died...
It was really like the song referred to my ipod... and indeed sunshine was gone for me...

It felt really strange for a while...
By the way... i reset the whole ipod and its working again now :))
Sunshine is bakc:)

have a nice day all...


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Jul 3, 2004
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When I lived at home I had the basement to myself. It was a party chamber. we were down there one afternoon listening to side B of Foxtrot by Genesis, which starts with a little acoustic piece called Horizons. Just as it finishes up, my mom opened up the door and called down "supper's ready".