Straight Talk troubles.

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    Sep 29, 2015
    new iPad Air 2, iOS 9.0.1. Unlocked. Bought straight Talk BYOT sim and data card. Installed following directions to the letter including downloading and installing cellular profile. Keep getting not activated messages. Look up account on ST and it says device is ACTIVATED. But I have no cellular data connection to Internet. called ST, talked in circles, wanted me to update my APN settings, but after the installations there is no place to make these changes. Seems there ought to be an app that does that for you or at least guides you. The ST people have no clue. Looks like I wasted my money on this SIM card and the data card. A few more calls to them letting them talk in circles about changing the APN Settings that can't be found and they will have spent more than I paid. I'll call it even then. I have a ST phone that is great, inexpensive, and relatively anonymous. Pay cash phone and for prepaid cards never register with a name, sure they can find info other ways, but, it's not like it was gift wrapped.

    Edit: What I was trying to get across is they kept asking me to go to the "Cellular Data Menu" which was no where to be found and they didn't know and couldn't tell me how to get there.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for getting my iPad online via ST? Other than wifi or tethering?
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    when you put a sim in an ipad your supposed to use the ipad itself to activate the sim

    all your supposed to do is stick the sim card in the ipad
    turn off wifi
    go to settings
    and cellular data should be there

    it should say
    airplane mode (on / off)
    cellular data
    personal hot spot ( on or off)

    you click on cellular data

    and all the settings you need are there

    i never had to get apn settings, i thought the ipad just gets them off of the sim card

    when you put the sim card in, does it say what network its connected to? does it give you any bars??

    there some prepaid sim cards out there, like AT&T go phone sims, that are not compatible with the ipad because the sim card is deactivated, and its deactivated to the point where it won't even connect to a cellular network, unless you dial codes.

    if you had to like put it in a phone and dial codes to get it to work or use a website
    i dunno what to say.. do they have your imei # on file

    you can put an ipad sim in an iPhone, but you cant put a iPhone sim in an ipad. if you some how activated that sim card as a phone sim, then i don't think its going to work

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