Straight talk with unlocked apple iphone 4s

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    Feb 5, 2013
    I am very interested in leaving Verizon, buying an unlocked Iphone 4s from apple, and switching to straight talk. I have read so many different things online about the phone working and not working (I am getting confused because some people are unlocking their verizon phones or their phones are jailbroken). I just want to buy an UNLOCKED phone from Apple. On apple it says the Iphone 4s unlocked is GSM. Will this work with straight talk? It will not be jailbroken or anything fancy. Just buy an unlocked iphone 4s from apple.

    Also, I have read multiple posts online about difficulty with MMS with straight talk and iphone. A lot of people have posted about using a mini sim card from T-mobile and changing the settings? Will this work? There are a lot of youtube videos about this.

    Please, any help is appreciated!! I want to make sure this will work before I cancel my verizon contract and buy the unlocked iphone 4s. I am not very "techie". Thank you!!!
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    this does work. i am currently using my iphone 5 on straight talk, using their byod program. Everything works, for data and mms to work you will need to get a tmobile simcard and do the sim card swap trick (instructions can be found on google).

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