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    I have a table where a row is added each week.

    I have another 'master' table, which summarises the most recent weeks data for selected columns of those tables, eg I may show B22 of the "base table" in one cell this week, next week I'll update that to point at B23, same for, say F22, J22, etc etc.

    Is there a way, taking the above example, where I can just update one 'pointer' cell with the value, 22, 23 etc, so that I don't need to go in and change every reference each time?

    So I'm looking for the effect of, say, show B(X1) and F(X1) and so on, where X1 contains the value 22 this week, 23 next week, etc.
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    Feb 18, 2010
    On your weekly data table, you could use dates in a column on the-most column for week ending or whatever, to designate each row. Then on your master table you can have a cell that has the week ending date of data that you want shown. The cells in the master table pointing to the weekly data table could use VLOOKUP formulas that use the date from the master table to tell it what row to look at in the weekly data table.

    Then each week you add your new row to the weekly data table and then change the date on the master table.

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