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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by odelay, Sep 5, 2009.

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    Thought this might interest people, and I couldn't find an existing thread on it. The new version of the iPhone app is out which adds functionality to record your workouts with GPS. they've turned the app into two apps in one. With the Strands Social as it was before, to view posts by people you follow, add your own posts, view/add/edit training logs, share links, meals, gear, search for events and much more. Think facebook for atheletes, it also can link into your existing facebook & Twitter accounts so your strands posts appear on those sites and visa versa.

    The new side of the iphone app allows you to record workouts (cycling, running etc.) using GPS, and has maps and iPod functionality built in, so you can choose/create workout playlists, and replay previous GPS routes.

    The whole service is free, both the iPhone app and the main website. I've used Nike+ before and strands is much better IMO. You can actually feed your Nike+ (and Garmin routes) workouts into your strands training log if you want to carry on using that as well. I do this, using Nike+ Sportband for my running and the strands app to record my bike rides.

    Highly recommended for runners, cyclists, triathletes etc. It's a great service and constantly being improved. And the new version of the iPhone app beats all other ones I've tried: Bi.Cycle, Travelputer, iMapMyRide, Distance Meter Pro, Trails etc.

    Btw I'm in no way affiliated with strands, I just think it's the best out there, and it's free, which always helps :)
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    Btw I'm not 147kg! Lol. Changed units to lbs now :D

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