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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ThunderMasterMind, May 9, 2017.

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    About 3 years ago I purchased a used blue 32GB 5th generation iPT for $120. Initially I was told I was getting a good condition iPod reset on iOS 6. Well I get it and it's on a fresh install of iOS 8.1.2 which really upset me for the fact that it didn't run well at all. Then I noticed that it had severe problems. I noticed that WiFi worked 20% of the time and the internal clock didn't work at all; meaning that auto time doesn't work and after locked and idle for 2 mins, the clock resets to the last setting it was set to. If the battery died the date and time would reset to Dec. 31st 1969 at 6:00PM CST. It would also freeze, then the screen would tear and it would crash and restart. Since this was purchased from a good family friend that is tight on money anyways, my parents said they would pay me back the money since they didn't want to bug the guy and knew that I was bamboozled.
    I wanted this device to replace my dead Slate model I purchased in Nov. of 2012. I loved that device and I wanted a replacement that would give me the same experience and allow me to put things on it that I didn't need on my full 8GB iPhone at the time and/or my almost full 16GB iPad mini. instead all I got was a completely screwed up iPod.
    2 years pass and I gained experience and learned how to take devices like these apart. Since the Slate model wasn't working and the Blue one was so screwed up, I decided to take the two apart and see what the issue was in both of them, since I had new devices and didn't really see a need in selling them, or paying to fix them. The Slate model had suffered from severe water damage in 2013 and sat for 2 years, so I didn't have high hopes for it even though I really wanted to see it work again and see all the data that was on it. I took it apart and it was covered in water marks. I cleaned it with alcohol only to find that some terminals for the display, digitizer, and camera were completely eaten away from corrosion, so there was no hope in using it again, but I did manage to get the board to function. Plug it into a computer and it's recognized and lists the info on it, but it was always stuck in recovery mode. The display was also shot after testing it on the blue model. the display barely works and the digitizer didn't work at all.
    The blue one was fine internally, after I shattered the display with a suction cup and pry tool. The suction cup popped off and the display shattered. Strange, but whatever I guess. Anyway, I unplugged the WiFi chip and plugged it back in to find that it magically started functioning as designed, instead of working 20% of the time. Never figured out why the clock doesn't work though. I never put it back together and it sat in a plastic bag for another year.
    I recently decided to make a functional iPod again, my goal was to use the Slate chassis and put the functional blue iPod's internals into it. I did just that and I currently use it, but now I am looking to find a donor for a functional internal clock and display. I might try and score a deal on a 6th generation and stitch together a black and slate 6th generation iPod, but as for now, the iPod works fine except for the continuing clock and crashing issue and sort of tolerable experience on iOS 9. WiFi works perfectly now and I haven't had any troubles with it since.

    My question is, with the WiFi, clock, and crashing issues in mind, was this a common thing for 5th gens to do? I have never seen an iDevice behave like this without ever being opened, and it baffles me as to why it even does it.


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    Not that I know of, sounds like the internals are bad for some reason.

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