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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by dschima, Sep 11, 2010.

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    Sep 11, 2008
    Hello everyone. I know you're going to say I should look through all the airport threads to get my answer. I actually have but can't find one that pertains to my dilemma. So I just moved in to my university's on campus apartments. My school provides us with free internet via ethernet ports in the wall. When I plug my Macbook Pro directly into the port I get great internet connection. Now when I go to connect my Airport extreme to it and set it up as an access point two things happen. First: I have the set up: ethernet plug in wall to airport, ethernet cable from airport to macbook. Doing this I get internet, but it is still a wire connection. Second, my airport broadcasts the network name in the airport meny, but when I connect to it and disconnect the ethernet cable from my laptop, I can't connect to the internet.

    Basically, despite the fact I've set my airport up as a bridge/access point, I still can't get wireless. Any help would be great, I've spent so many hours trying remedy this problem!
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    Sep 7, 2010
    So the schools internet do you have to log-in to the network or do you plug and play?

    The way you want to configure your network is as follows:
    1.) School Internet connected to WAN port on Airport Extreme
    2.) In AirPort Setup utility perform a manual setup
    3.)Under Tab Base Station
    a.) set base station name
    b.) password for the base station
    c.) time if desired
    4.)Under Wireless Tab
    a.) Set wireless mode to create network
    b.) set network name
    c.) Radio Mode so 802.11g only for example
    d.) Channel which you can leave as automatic unless issues occur
    e.) Wireless security WPA etc.
    f.) Wireless password if security used
    5.)Click Wireless Network Options
    a.) Set multicast rate
    b.) Set transmit power the higher the power the longer the range
    c.) WPA group key timeout if applicable
    d.) Set as closed network or not
    e.) Interference Robustness is useful if you issues with connection interference
    6.) At the top of the screen under the internet button
    7.)Under Internet connection Tab
    a.) Connect Using Ethernet
    b.) Ethernet WAN port leave as default
    c.) Connection Sharing: share public IP
    8.)Under TCP/IP
    a.) Set configuration probably DHCP
    b.) If need be set domain
    9.)Under DHCP Tab
    a.) Set IP address format for network and IP range ie ending address
    b.) Set DHCP lease time

    10.) apply and test

    I think that covers it. If your internet requires a password to access or some other interesting connection feature let me know.

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    Sep 11, 2008
    Thanks for the thorough response! After playing around with the base station for a while and still not getting wifi on my computer, I decided to test my iphone with it and see if wifi would work on it. I was able to get the wifi network to work on my iphone. I ended up restarting my computer and everything works wonderfully. In the end, I think registering my base station's ethernet ID with my school helped. Thanks again!

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