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    today I received two emails from apple stating updates to my apple ID account. One was downloading an app (resume builder pro) to a device not previously associated with my account. The other email said info such as billing address, phone number and password updated.

    I logged into my account and password was still the same (I have now changed it) billing address and email address were all fine. But under daytime phone there was a strange number listed 3496860780. (my real phone number was still listed under mobile) a google search revealed 349 is not a valid area code. What could this be? I have sold 3 iPhone 6's recently, could one of those still be associated with my account? Thanks in advance.
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    yes. you did a good job changing the password
    maybe you should change the security questions as well

    i would suggest you go to, and click on find my iPhone.
    on the top , middle of the page will be a thing that you can set to "show all devices"

    check each iPhone

    if you don't know which one is which, look at the location on the map or maybe even make each one play a sound , to eliminate the ones you do not want erased

    if you see one that is not yours anymore, erase it and remove it from your iCloud account

    when erasing the phone you need to remove it as well

    if you have a separate iTunes account for purchases, you can use that to log in to as well.. sometimes people did not elect to sign up for and they instead use their itunes account for find my iPhone

    you can use the find my iPhone app as well, but i like the web page, its easier

    apologize to anyone who you erased by mistake, haha
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