Strange Airport Difficulty wireless problem!


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Aug 17, 2007
Hey guys,

Having a bit of difficulty I have a Buffalo wireless router which and a MBP. The macbook pro can connect to the router when it is connected via an ethernet cable.

The MBP also works wirelessly when there is no security however Im at Queens University in Belfast and I cannot leave the router unsecured as its a highly populated student area. I believe its WEP 64 security on at the moment.

Any more information please ask, thank you




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Jun 7, 2007
You need to log into the admin side of the router (your or whatever it is for your model) and check the following things on the Wireless Connectivity/Security tab:
1: You have wireless access turned on
2: You don´t have it blocking all unknown MAC addresses without your MAC address being inputed.
3: Either make sure its being broadcasted or that you've got your MBP looking for your network name
4: Try using different security if you can WAP or WAP2.

If none of those work, and you still want to connect wirelessly without security
1: Allow only one computer to connect at a time.
2: Add your MAC address as the only accepted one.
3: Create the longest, most random network name possible, and turn off the auto broadcasting.

I would definitely use it sparingly that way and never to send secure information. And if none of those are options/work, then using the Ethernet is the safest.

Best of Luck.

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