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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MyManD, Oct 14, 2015.

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    People with knowledge as well. A little long, so apologies.

    I recently had my iPhone 6 replaced because the screen assembly was lifted and made clicking noises. You could physically press the screen down when you glided your finger over the spot.

    My replacement phone also has a lifted screen, near the mute button. When you look at it from the side you can see the actual gap between plastic and aluminium. I was pretty annoyed because I didn't have time to completely check the phone over before heading home. I started a Chat session and documented exactly my problem and they said a visit to a Genius Bar would get me another replacement phone. They assured me the chat log was not stored and a Genius would see I had reported it as a known issue right away.

    Because of work I won't be anywhere near a Genius Bar for a month or so, though. With this issue, the lifted screen, noted officially with my case number, what would procedure be if something happened during my business trip? I'm technically afforded a replacement phone right now because of the defect, but if I drop it a couple of weeks from now and accrue separate damages, am I out of luck? Would the initial defect take precedence?

    Thanks in advance for any answer or insight.

    Knock on wood nothing actually happens and I can come back and just replace my phone normally.

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    Book the Genius Bar appointment for whenever you can get there asap so at least you will be on record as having the appointment. May not help, but can't hurt.

    Be careful with the phone until then.


    Escalate the situation by calling back and requesting a shipped replacement. This will require a credit card hold for the amount of a new phone if they agree to it.
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    I really wish I could but Genius Bar appointments seem to be limited to within seven days of the day you try to book. I'll have to wait until the week of my return to book an appointment.
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    Then cheat. Pop into the store without an appointment and say, I had my phone replaced the other day for this issue and the replacement is suffering the same issue. Make sure your polite and you'll be seen to quickly.

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