Strange application behavior on partitioned Mac

Discussion in 'OS X El Capitan (10.11)' started by Aros888, Jul 11, 2015.

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    I have the public beta installed on my rmbp 13" late 2013, and I noticed some weird behavior: I can open applications and access files from my main Yosemite partition.

    I first noticed this when using spotlight. For example, if I open spotlight and type "system preferences" and open the application, it is not the El Capitan system preferences, but rather my Yosemite version. Similarly, if I try to open, say, Xcode (which I have never installed on my El Capitan partition), I receive a message telling me that my version of Xcode is incompatible with El Capitan and I need to upgrade.

    Is this normal behavior with partitioned drives? I would think not, but I suppose I could be wrong...

    For reference, this is a clean install of El Capitan, and did not import settings from a previous install of Yosemite (or anything else). It is in its own 40GB partition, and I have only one other partition, on which Yosemite is installed.
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    They may be on different partitions but in El Capitan the other volume is still accessible hence will also be indexed. There could have been a flag of some sort that somehow marked that app as being more frequently ran.

    All you have to do is type in the app name in Spotlight and select the correct app multiple times for the OS to remember.

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