Strange Battery Charge Incident

Discussion in 'iPad' started by DaBrain, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Curious if any one has had this odd occurrence?

    I have had my iPad since 4/3/10 and use it ALL the time. When I first got it I drained the battery and then fully charged it. Been great ever since! Most of the time I have it on the iPad Charger.

    Just a bit ago it was at 100% charge. After messing around on my iMac I turned on the iPad to check on a few things and I get this notice that my charge is down to 20%! No way can that happen in such a short time, perhaps about an hour or so ago it was 100%. So I thought perhaps my charger failed and the iPad drained through the broken charger? No indication at this time of it charging and no AC symbol that indicates such.

    So I connect the iPad to my 27in iMac and I notice it is now charging with the AC symbol on the battery icon on the iPad. So now I think, yep my charger went bad.

    So while the iPad was hooked up to my iMac, I verified that my wall outlet was ok and no tripped breaker. Yep that was ok. So I unplug from my iMac and then I do the Reset thing while holding down the Home and Power button.

    After resetting my iPad I reconnect the iPad charger and now it's starting to charge the iPad along with the AC symbol. Weird! Or my charger or iPad is beginning to fail!

    IM hoping it was just a quirk! But, usually it's a sign that something is going bad. Time will tell.

    What was odd is how fast the battery drained from a full charge to 20% in about an hour! IM hoping it's just a fluke!

    Has anyone else had this happen?
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    Never saw this with either of the two iPads in the house.

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