Strange, constant beachballing, caused by some interaction between SL and IndesignCS3

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    My aunt purchased an iMac several years ago at my suggestion, specifically for one task - to make a monthly newsletter for her woodcarving club. At the same time, she purchased Adobe CS3's suite, specifically for Indesign. The iMac at the time came with Leopard.

    A couple months ago, I encouraged her to upgrade to Snow Leopard. She did not upgrade CS3 to anything else at the time, but migrated everything over through an upgrade install to the new SL system.

    Now, all of a sudden, she has problems when she reaches the final, print stages of her work on the monthly newsletter. In her own words: I was able to print, in PDF, 110 copies of pages 2,4, and 6. Just like last month. I test printed one copy of the reverse-- pages 1, 3, and 5. Fine. Then I tried 4 copies. Fine again. But when I tried printing 15 copies, the printer wouldn't go. It stayed at "idle" for ten minutes. I tried deleting the job, but everything started slowing down again, getting "sticky." There was a lot of "beachballing." I thought I'd better make a copy of the PDF version of my file on a flashdrive before proceeding and was able to do so. I wish I had copied the Indesign version, too, because when I thought maybe I should forget PDF and use the Indesign version to print from, after seeing online that there were some issues with Snow Leopard and the PDF printer, there was a "catastrophic failure" of some subsystem in CS3, so I had to reinstall the whole thing.

    After taking more than an hour to repair and reinstall CS3, I once again attempted to bring up my Indesign file, and everything was acting snappy-- it seemed normal. I was able to print 1 test copy of the odd pages of my file. But when, once again, I tried to print 14 copies-- it was beachball city all over again.

    I don't live near her so I can't troubleshoot this with her like I would for most of my clients, and I'm a Windows and hardware tech so I'm no expert on mac software systems anyway - I just recommended it for her because of her work in graphic design and what I hoped would be the "simplicity" Macs are known for. This is the second time now that I've been receiving such emails from her.

    Cue beg for help:
    Help me look like a nephew that doesn't recommend junk for his aunt. She's already taken the system to the Genius bar the previous month, at which point, with no more than 5 minutes of diagnoses they replaced her entire hard drive and reformatted her computer (without her permission, I might add; thank God she had backups) and apparently that that wasn't the trick, because now the issue is back. I've already suggested the disk permissions repair and disk repair to no avail, and ask you can see, she's already done an entire reinstall of CS3.

    It must be some sort of glitch between the Adobe software and SL, right? This never happened in two years of error-free printing with Leopard, or at least, I never heard about it (and I usually do, trust me). I've already checked this unofficial compatibility guide for applications and SL, and it looks like Indesign CS3 should be basically fine.

    If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them so I can forward them her way. Thank you.
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    Indesign & Photoshop Problem

    Hi Everyone,
    I am new to this forum.
    I am having a problem opening up a photoshop file in Indesign. It is asking me for a plug in. It says adobe in design may not support the file format.
    I have the Adobe Master Suite CS5.
    Can anyone help with this?



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