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Discussion in 'iMac' started by normski4ash, Dec 3, 2018.

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    May 27, 2013
    Hi, I have just downloaded a new font for my imac, (Harrington) which got lost when I formatted & updated to Mojave, unzipped & installed it.
    It shows in Font book as installed & OK.
    So if I go into pages and try to type something it appears all jumbled together, as if the line spacings are wrong, but even if I do 2.0 line spacing it is still jumbled up / overlapping. I have included a screenshot from pages & I have increased the font size to 35 so you can see it clearer. The top half of the first line is completely cut off a third of the second line is cut off & you can almost see all of the third line of text...
    It should read
    "Now is the time for all good
    men to come to
    the aid of the party"
    Trawling the internet suggest reboot, resolve duplicates in font book, clear the font cache, uninstall MS office ( by the way it works perfectly in Word ! )
    Nothing works ! I have binned the font and downloaded from somewhere else, same issue. have just added a screenshot from font book...
    Confused... Thanks in advanced. Screenshot 2018-12-03 at 13.07.36.png View attachment 808112
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    Harrington is a Microsoft font that is enabled with certain older programs that go back as far as Office 97 etc. One has to purchase it of course. Maybe not compatible with Mojave.

    I do not know if Harrington ever came with a Mac software package, only Windows.
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    May 27, 2013
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    It didn't come with the Mac I downloaded it from the internet, actually from three different sites. It works fine with other programs on the Mac, but not with pages. Can't see it being mojave problem because it does work on the Mac.
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    May 27, 2013
    OK so after much digging and poking I have found the Harrington font in the Font book Right clicked and deleted it. I've gone to my OS HDD, opened system, Library & found it there, so deleted that entry. I have gone to my user account, in finder, Go & Library (holding Alt to it appears) down to Fonts and there it is again, delete. Gone to the other users log in, finder, Go, Library, Fonts & deleted from there... As far as I am aware that is now it ! Gone ! No more...
    I have now gone to the download and double clicked it, same problem, so gone through the above again.
    Gone to finder in my log in, Go, Library, Fonts, dragged and dropped it in there... Woo Hoo it works in Pages
    Gone to other user, no Harrington in Pages for this log in, copied it from my log in, pasted it in the Finder, Go, Library for other user and pasted it in... Woo Hoo now working perfect for other user ! Back to my log in, yep still OK ! Gone back to Applications & Font book, sure enough it's in there, but if I go to the OS HDD, System, Library, Fonts - it ISN'T there ! So I can only presume that double clicking and telling it to install, dumped it everywhere which was screwing it up. By installing it manually by dragging and dropping or copy and pasting it works great...
    Now I wonder, if I bin it again and just drag it and drop it into the font book... Nah it's working, let's leave well alone !
    Thanks anyway but this is now to bed, if it helps anyone else that's a bonus...

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