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Dec 10, 2011
I got an iPod touch 4G for xmas. Got two dead pixels after two months, sent it in for repairs and got a new one. 2 months later, it would charge intermittently, sometimes with temperature warnings (and the iPod was not hot), and it stopped charging. I'm sending it in for repair tomorrow (probably getting a new one).

Neither one of them got water on them or ever fell, and all have been treated like little babies. I only jailbroke the one which got dead pixels, and I know that's a hardware problem, so it's nothing to do with that.

Is this normal?! I expected better quality from Apple, and I think they're better than this.


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Oct 5, 2003
My iPod Touch also has been behaving strangely.

For a few weeks I could hear it making strange alert sounds - very quiet, but at odd times of day with no correlation with calendar or clock events.

Then suddenly yesterday, whenever I would turn on the iPod Touch, it would make crackling noises. I restarted, then reset my iPod, to no avail. It seems that any sound sent to the internal speaker would be extremely distorted. The headphone jack works fine, but there's nothing but "static" from the internal speaker.

This is not only weird, but disappointing, especially since the iPod is just out of warranty - about 1.5 years old. Something this expensive should not fail like this. It's almost like planned obsolescence, prompting me to buy another Apple product.


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Dec 18, 2008
Abbotsford, BC
I don't understand complaints like this. Yes, Apple is known for their high quality products, but it is completely impossible to guarantee a delicate electronic device with parts so complicated most people would never know how they work or what they do.

For comparison, in the last 6 years or so I've owned a 20" iMac, a 30GB iPod video, a 2nd gen iPod touch, an iPhone 4, an AppleTV, and various accessories and other bits. I have had NOT ONE SINGLE PROBLEM with ANY of them. It sounds like you guys just got unlucky with hardware defects, or didn't take good enough care of them. But I can personally vouch for the quality of Apple products, through my own experience.
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