Strange iPod Mini Behaviour/Beeping

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Markleshark, Sep 16, 2006.

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    Aug 15, 2006
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    So when I plug my iPod Mini into my Mac it recognizes its there (comes up in finder, etc) but then the iPod starts beeping (4 times it goes *Beep, Beep*) and then it disappears from finder and OS X tells me I did not remove the device properly. The iPod also seems to lock up on the charging screen (With the large battery stuck on the screen) but if I leave it plugged in for about a minute, it just repeats this process. I have no idea why it does this. I have also noticed that if I unplug my iPod and then reset it, apart from suddenly having no battery power it will play songs ok (For a little while, anyway). Battery was still holding 3/4 hours charge before I plugged it in today, but doesnt sound like a battery problem (May well be wrong) and not seemly getting any HDD errors and not making any funny noise.

    Seems to have started since I installed Boot Camp 1.1.1, could this be a bug in the beta software causing this rather strange behavior?

    Any help appreciated,
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    Aug 15, 2006
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    I think I've worked it out.

    Getting some other rather strange behavior using OS X after installing Boot Camp (For example, Trash emptys but still looks on the dock and in finder like its full) so I think what it is when you are in Windows and want to get back to OS X which is set as the startup disk just restarting in Windows gives this strange behavior, so I will from now on perform a shut down in Windows and switch my Mac on. iPod now works fine.

    Just incase anyone else gets this problem ;)
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    It can't be anything to do with Boot Camp, unless it's just that the Minis don't like being exposed to Windows and OS X at near intervals. (Joking...)

    I've got the same thing happening on my Mini and I have a PowerBook G4 (no Boot Camp, obviously) and a ThinkPad. It does it on both. The PowerBook controls the Mini; I just use the ThinkPad for charging when I travel. Neither computer is on iTunes 7 yet.

    I've been using the Mini with the ThinkPad for the last two weeks, while travelling. I rarely change out my playlists, so I can construct a fairly good timeline:

    - Around August 28 but definitely before August 31: Synced Mini from PowerBook (USB), then charged from wall. This was *after* I installed the most recent set of Apple updates.
    - September 1: Connected Mini to ThinkPad to charge (USB).
    - September 3 or 4: Connected Mini to ThinkPad to charge. Connected second Mini to ThinkPad to charge.
    - September 13: Connected Mini to ThinkPad to charge. First beep instance on my Mini. Connected second Mini to ThinkPad to charge and to store files on the disk. No beep problem on the second Mini.
    - September 19: Connected Mini to PowerBook to sync (USB). Second beep instance.

    My Mini is one of the original 4GB ones. The other one belongs to the friend who was travelling with me, and is a recently purchased refurb 6 GB unit.

    For me, just unplugging the cable and cycling power on the Mini works, and it so far (fingers crossed) clears up on the second try.

    RE battery, mine held out for most of a 12-hour flight, which is all I expect from a 2-year-old battery. Other than beep & lock, no problems with my Mini.
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