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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by agentphish, May 12, 2008.

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    I am posting this for my cousin in an effort to get some more solutions that I can help her try. I am an experienced user, but nothing is sticking out to me as being really "WRONG" per se.

    She has a 1st gen 1.8ghz MacBook w/ 2gb ram and about 4gb of free hard disk space (I feel this could be a root of the problem)

    This is the the email I got from her today...

    Recently, my notebook has been, for lack of a better term, freaking out. If I try to open any application, the pinwheel comes up for a while. Every time I try to open iTunes it tells me that the application failed and asks if I want to quit, reopen, or report the problem. I gave up trying to open iPhoto because the pinwheel comes up anytime I try to scroll up and down to look at pictures. My photobooth randomly stopped showing up at all...I clicked on it once, and it bounced for a while, and then stopped but the application didn't appear. Then it disappeared from my navigation bar. I found it in my applications, launched it to put it back on the bar, and now when I click on it it jumps once and then stops and nothing happens. The latest development is that I have no wireless connectivity I can't connect to iChat, Firefox, or Safari. FYI: I had her set up to use internet connection sharing via her parents iMac 24" when she is home from school

    I am looking for anything to tell her to try to check beyond repairing permissions.

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    Here's my list of things to check when people have weird, funky problems.

    Free up hard disk space (at least 10%)
    Turn off filevault
    Have activity monitor going while i'm using it to see what processes are running
    Boot off the install disk and run disk utility
    Run an automatic system cleaner like Cocktail or Onyx
    Open up system preferences > Network and make sure no proxies or weird settings are on (people do weird things to others' computers)
    Make sure the firewall is on
    Make sure there aren't an abundance of really old powerpc programs

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