Strange MBP problems, anyone know what could be wrong?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by fishkorp, Jul 5, 2007.

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    Apr 10, 2006
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    I've had my 2.0ghz CoreDuo MBP a little over a year and am loving it. Recently I started having some weird issues. I do have Apple Care through 2009, so I think I'm going to have to give them a call. The problem is that I can't be without a computer for more then a day or 2 because in addition to my full time job I also have my own business that I do from home, and we currently only have 1 computer. So before I call them and they tell me to send the computer to them, I'd like to explain what's going on and maybe someone knows what it might be, just to give me some idea :)

    A month or so ago the machine started to sound like it was going to take off. It's certainly some sort of fan or something, but it got to be very loud. So loud that you can hear it 2 rooms over. It got the loudest while playing a movie off of an external USB hard drive. Then a week or so ago the MBP shut itself off twice, while it was plugged in. Once again we were watching something and all of a sudden it just shut itself off. I had to get up and manually power it back on. After a few minutes, it shut itself off again. And it's not a battery issue because, like I said, it was plugged in, and the indicator showed that it was plugged in. The latest issue is that my wireless doesn't seem to work. The last few days I couldn't access anything wirelessly. I thought that maybe it was the router. Turns out it isn't. My iPhone connects to the WiFi just fine, even when the MBP isn't working. I'm showing a full signal and my router shows that the MBP is connected, but I can't get to anything (including the router) and get no response when pinging, etc. Can all these issues be related to the same source? Anyone know what kind of turn around time I'm looking at if I have to send it to them?
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    My guess is that a wire got lose somewhere and is touching another one, causing it to overheat. this is probably something to do with the wireless.. As a temporary measure, try disabling wifi and letting us know what happens.

    As for the fan and all that, have you downloaded iStat? It'll tell us the temps of your computer, as well as fan speeds and a lot of other junk. I think the computer's over heating and turning itself off to prevent damage to components.

    You could always try reinstalling the OS, but if it just randomly started doing this one day I would expect that it's a hardware failure and it needs to be sent in.

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