Strange Network Problem (T-mobile)

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  1. xectop macrumors newbie

    Jan 7, 2008

    I am using iPhone in Germany, carrier is T-Mobile. The version was 1.1.2

    1) On recovery more I installed version 1.1.1 using iTunes.
    2) After completing, iTunes gave me 1015 error. Then I used iBrickr to boot the phone.
    3) It was successful. Soon after it booted normal phone started (without any activation screen).
    4) I configured WiFi and used to install Apps which is working fine.
    5) Now, the problem is the phone always says - , "Waiting for Activation - this may some take time [DISMISS]". When I click Dismiss - the normal phone will work except the network.

    The network is not coming up. Entering Settings->Carrier will give me "Error".

    Can anyone tell me what to do ?

    Also, if I update the phone using iTunes - it loads 1.1.2 perfectly but with default factory settings and I'll loose all the apps.

    Any help toward this is highly appreciated.

    Thank you all.
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    Sep 30, 2007

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