Strange Rename Files Bug?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by MagnusVonMagnum, Dec 11, 2010.

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    Jun 18, 2007
    I've noticed for a few months now both in 10.5 on my PowerMac and 10.6 on my MBP that often when I click to rename a file in the finder, it will a few seconds later "un-select" the renaming as if I had hit return to finish renaming the file. I then have to click it again to finish renaming the file. Sometimes, it will do this 2-3 times before it quits exiting on its own. I wonder if Spotlight could be interfering sometimes because it often seems to do it when the window is first open and OSX is in the middle of updating the little icons to show video snapshots and the like. But I've also seen it happen after they're all updated as well. I don't recall seeing this problem on either Mac more than say 6 months ago or so. It certainly never used to do it as I've had the MBP for over 2 years now and the PowerMac for around 4 years and I would have noticed. I wonder if one of the system updates might have changed something, for example.

    Has anyone else noticed any issues with renaming files being unselected like that in the middle of typing?
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    I've noticed it. Almost always happens when the OS is loading the little file previews.
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    Agreed. Just about any change in that folder will cause this behavior such as file being added or removed, and maybe even modified (such as a log file). This was one of the reasons I disabled icon previews in most Finder views.
  4. MagnusVonMagnum, Dec 11, 2010
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    Regardless, you'd think Apple would do something about something so annoying. I prefer to have the previews on, myself, but don't want them interfering with renaming files. I do hate when it OSX tries to load the previews for things like network drives, though. I thought the previews were turned off for that, but it seems I need to check again seeing there's a folder setting for it.

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