Strange SMS problem...thoughts please

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    I sent an SMS to multiple contacts (30). Signal was weak, I think I had to click try again. iMessage was turned on but obviously all contacts won't have an iphone. Some of the contacts received the SMS (as they replied) but some others confirmed they didn't get the SMS (after I spoke to them as they didnt reply). Now bizarrely some of those who didn't receive the SMS from me (maybe all but I can't be sure) instead received a reply message from one of my contacts who sent it to me (he has an iphone and uses iMessage)

    How is this possible? How can some people who don't know or have the number of one of my contacts receive messages from him?

    Why didn't all the original contacts receive the SMS? If it was due to a weak signal then shouldn't I have been notified that some didn't receive the SMS?
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    Can't really explain why some people received the message and others didn't, but the default behavior of the iPhone is to "reply all" to your SMS.

    Basically what happened is that your friends who received the SMS on their iPhones received the message as well as a list of everyone else who received it. If that person was in their contact list, their name showed up, if they were not in their contact list, then just the phone number is displayed.

    Other non-iPhone devices might have the same setup, but I honestly don't know.
  3. iBar Guest

    If it's sent as a group message, then the replies are sent to the same group. It's a group threaded sms basically.

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