Strange Start Up Item...


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Aug 1, 2008
found this on my system report under software heading... any ideas?

Description: Nalpeiron Copy Protection Vb
Location: /Library/StartupItems/ProTecVb
Provides: Nalpeiron Copy Protection Vb
Enabled: Yes
Order Preference: Last

my system..mac mini 2012

Model Identifier: Macmini6,2
Processor Name: Intel Core i7
Processor Speed: 2.3 GHz
Number of Processors: 1
Total Number of Cores: 4
L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB
L3 Cache: 6 MB
Memory: 16 GB
Boot ROM Version: MM61.0106.B0A
SMC Version (system): 2.8f0

Cheers elo


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Jul 23, 2015
One easy way to keep track of software that runs automatically on your Mac is to run an app named BlockBlock. It's free and it monitors startup items as well as launch daemons/agents that run at every boot/logon. Anytime something new gets installed, it lets you know and you have the option to remove the item if you want. It's only for Mavericks or later. It's been in beta for quite a while, but I've had no trouble running it on two Yosemite Macs. I'm not affiliated with the guy who wrote it, I just think it's useful. Check it out:
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