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    Not too sure whats going on here but I have a client that's asked me to take a look at his MacBookPro that has 10.7.2 on it. The issues are safari hangs on the blue progress bar where it has the web address, not the program itself but when accessing almost every site that blue bar hangs near the http:// portion. I told him to disable any plugins and that helped for maybe a day, now its the same thing. Told him to download the tool for the flashback malware and he cannot install it due to the second issue. Which is, trying to install any software using the installer built into OSX just hangs, needs to be force quit, no errors but just hangs.

    I assume that the machine comes with a way to restore OSX from a built in partion? Not sure of how to fix the installer issue other then a reinstall over the current system or a flat out clean install all together. Hoping to avoid it but repair permissions doesnt help, resetting pram helped but I guess its back to the way it was.
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    First has he tried a different browser to make sure it safri because it hanging near the http:// is where safari is looking up the website so it could be a problem to do with his router and/or internet connection rather than his mac. Try all that first and see what happens :)
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    Yeah, maybe check the network settings and see if using OpenDNS or google's would work.


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