Strategies for Using iCloud Photo Library and Other Cloud Services

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    Okay, I've drunk the Kool Aid and am using iCloud Photo Library (IPL) for my pictures. It seems to be working pretty good synching up my pictures and albums between my iPad Air 2, iPhone 6 and also iCloud Photo Library on BUT this is mainly for pictures I've taken or added since IOS 8 came out. What do you do with the thousands of pictures you've taken in the past. I have all my digital pictures that I've taken since 2002 taking up around 36GB. Right now all of these pictures are stored out on DropBox. Obviously I don't plan on putting all of them out on iCloud Photo Library.

    Here is what I am doing. I am slowly copying the latest pictures to iCloud Photo Library from my Mac. I use AirDrop to move them to my iPad which then uploads them to iCloud (using the optimized size for my iPad and iPhone). I plan on converting about the last three years to IPL. The rest I plan on just leaving on DropBox and I can always look at the older pictures there. As far as new pictures I am storing them in both places IPL and also DropBox. I use AirDrop to move the pictures from my iPhone to my Mac where I then move them to DropBox. That way I have a double backup.

    Anyone else have any similar plan?
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    Until the new photos app comes out that is a great plan.

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