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    Red Storm Description:
    It is known that Red Storm is a real-time classic strategy game globally with its fierce battle scenes, advanced weapons and clear and realistic images. As Red Alert game was once favored by the majority of players with its increasing popularity, Red Storm is to reproduce the prestige and grandeur in its year back with the introduction of this game.
    Red Storm features:
    1. Gorgeous and realistic game images.
    2. Unique combating ways bring players fascinating fighting experience
    3. Players will indulge themselves in the thrill of being a commander.
    4. Easy tutorial for beginners
    5. Specially designed for Thai players

    Red Storm Super news:
    Red Storm was charged for $0.99 for downloading when it is released on ios. It will be totally free for the next 3 days!! Take this chance and download it right now for free!! Share this news to your friends and let them download it without spending any coins.

    Download Free on iphone:
    Download Free on ipad:


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