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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by bulldoze, Feb 15, 2017.

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    I have moved into a new area and I am starting to recce new running routes so I downloaded Strava to have a little play.

    To be honest I can't figure out how to work it - I have a Apple Watch S0 so I need to carry my phone as well. Do I have to start the app on my phone or my watch or both? If I start it on my phone then it does seem to start logging on the watch but although the heart rate is displayed on the watch I have no heart rate data stored in Strava at the end of the run.

    This is all a bit rubbish isn't it? I might as well not use the watch at all and just use the phone. After all it is too fiddly to stop the run on the watch with sweaty hands.
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    If the Samsung gear S3 was "fully" compatible with the Iphone....just watch and see how fast people will dump their Apple watches for the Frontier. But Apple was slick enough to make sure that if you buy a samsung Gear S3 for the iphone what you basically will have in your possesion is a brick.
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    I've used many apps that offered HR integration via the apple watch, some were nothing more than displaying the HR and doing nothing else with it, others refused to work at all and there was a distinct disconnect between the phone app and watch app. Strava on the other hand seems to work *almost* as well as the built in workout app. Though I always start the app on my phone, then the app on my watch, and when I'm ready to start, I start strava via the watch.

    Though IMO, none 3rd party watch apps for workouts are as good as the apple workout app, simply because they are subject to restrictions that the apple workout app is not. What I would have preferred was that the iphone app had an ability to import HR data from the watch post exercise. That is, the user starts a workout on the watch workout app, starts a workout on the Strava iphone app, workout, stop the strava workout, then stop the watch workout. During sync, the strava app could read the HR data from the health information on the phone. Simple.

    I believe this was done for the original NRC app, but people thought that was clunky. I guess having something that is not quite as well integrated is better.
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    There is now a Strava app for the Apple Watch.
    Unfortunately, because the Watch's erratic GPS instant pacing, it renders the app useless for most serious runners (google D.C. Rainmakers recent review)
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