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    Sep 21, 2016
    Note: I have never used any cycling apps, so my question(s) might be incredibly stupid.

    I will be using Strava for the first time this evening. I'll be on a test run on a new bike and due to the time will be staying within my own well lit neighborhood. I have a route mapped out that is 4 miles long, but I would like to repeat this "lap" multiple times. How does Strava handle this? Will I need to restart the route on the app each time or will it do this for me?

    Thank you!!!

    Apologies ahead of time to the mods because I also created this thread in the Apple Watch Apps section earlier this morning, but I'll be using Strava with the iOS app and the Apple Watch. Plus, this section of the forum has far more traffic and I'm probably more likely to get responses here.
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    Are you using it for guidance or just for tracking your distance, pace, etc? If the latter, it will just record the loops. Not sure on the former - I haven't used it for guidance.
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    Sep 21, 2016
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    Just start the tracking and it will happen automatically. I don't believe it does any kind of turn by turn directions.
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    Yep, just start the app and stick your phone in your pocket and ride. Simple as that. It will load the map up and show you your pace (based on GPS unless you have sensors).
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    Thank you. I'll be using the iOS app along with the watchOS on my Series 1.

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