Stream audio from Logic in 96k bit...?


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Jul 29, 2011
OK, so when I've got my magnum opus assembled in Logic Pro X, with a mixture virtual instruments and recorded tracks from hardware synths and it sounds OK on my monitor speakers, I want to hear it on a couple of other speaker systems around the house to tweak the mix. When I did this with a 44k project that was fine - I could Airplay it to my 2nd Gen Apple TV on my TV speakers or - via various routes - a Raspberry Pi attached to my old HiFi, stand in front of it with Logic Remote and tweak away (slight lag, but...)

Unfortunately, when I try that with a 96k project, it dies in various ways - the ATV2 starts to play but then cuts out after a few seconds, with some other devices, Logic just crashes.

Note that my problem isn't getting the final product to play - I don't own a dog so it will get rendered down to a 44.1 or 48k AIF or MP3 anyway - its just for adjusting the mix/EQ/compression in Logic, the point of 96k is 'headroom'.

I'm doing this for my own amusement so I don't want to kit out my computer room with 3 different kinds of speaker system... The world would not end if I just stuck to 44k but this is so close to working that it niggles...

Has anybody found a stable way of streaming 96k from Logic?
Would a newer Apple TV or other Airplay2 device help?