stream wmv audio from safari?

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    Wrong File Extension - Change it to ASX not WMV and IT WORKS

    After figuring it all out, I was then able to extract the actual link to the MP3. Just click on, or save this link:

    and you can always visit my site at


    I figured it out and I am listening to it right now. First of all, a WMV is a Windows Media Video file, not an audio file. Not really meant for streaming either. So then you would think WMA for Audio, but no, that doesn't work either. The file size is small, 4k.

    Here is the problem. I will tell you how to listen to it on a Windows machine only, I only use Apple for my iPad, not a PC.

    I right-clicked on the link you provided and clicked "save target as..." and saved it to my desktop.

    I then had to go in to my folder options and enable the viewing of the file extensions, so that I can change them if I want, and I do want to in this case. To do this, open any folder (Windows 7 is what I am using) and click "Organize" then "Folder and Search Options". Or rather, open up your Control Panel, then click on "Folder Options". Click the "View" tab. Scroll down if needed and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types". Click "OK".

    Locate the file you downloaded on your desktop. Now you can change the extension on the file. Change the WMV to ASX and that is it. Your new name for the file is "70Nam_Phan_03_PlayList.asx".

    Then just execute the file with an ASX extension, not WMV. You should notify the webmaster of this mishap and it should be very easy for them to make the change so that everyone can enjoy whatever it is that you want to listen to.

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