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    Hello. I hope to watch TV on my MBP, PC and iPad. What suggestions do you have? I heard that it is possible to watch streaming live TV programs on computers and iPad through wireless connections. What are the pros and cons of using this method vs. getting a USB TV tuner? I can imagine that with the former approach, several devices can watch different TV programs at the same time while the 2nd approach requires different TV tuners for different devices. Also, watching streaming live TV may not be enjoyable due to interruptions caused by wireless connection?

    I found the following products:

    USB TV Tuner

    Steaming device

    The digital signals used in my area (Hong Kong) is DMB-TH.
    Any user experience/recommended products appreciated. Thanks.
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    The TV in my apartment is connected to a cable box, I think.
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    never used those before but
    if you are at home, there shouldnt be much lag
    if you use something like a sling box, it depends on your updload rate of your home internet connection, but it also lets you watch TV away from your house

    I only watch recorded TV, I have a PC with a TV tuner that records, then I connect my macbook pro to it on the home network, GO->connect to server
    so I can watch stuff I missed
    I use VLC player to watch the windows 7 dtv files

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