Streaming Sonos music wirelessly via time capsule (on other network)?

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    Hi Guys and Gals,

    Not sure if I am posting in the correct category. If I did, please repost!

    First I have to explain! I have had two internet connections, one at my private home, using Time Capsule and one at my business, which is basically just next door. I just added one of the super routers (reaches several miles) in the garden to the business network so the wireless signal reaches all over the property. Because of this I disconnected my home internet connection as it was not necessary anymore, however the network at home, which runs through my time capsule router still exists.

    One problem in relation to internet and playing music through my sonos wireless system. I can either log onto my home network (the one where the internet is not active anymore) and listen music through my wireless router via Sonos, ie. Sonos is plugged in through the eternet cable which streams via the time capsule. Or alternatively, I can log into the network with the strong internet (but then I can't listen to music).

    My question, can I configure my time capsule wirelessly to connect with the working internet router (which is in the garden) so that I can stream internet and listen sonos all in one, the way I used to do it when I had my internet active at my home network? I know I can do this if I plug in my sonos via an ethernet cable to the other connection, however the main modem for that is several hundred feet away.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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