Streaming video problems on Macbook

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by alegoje, Mar 12, 2008.

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    Hi all!

    I have this annoying problem that I am not sure how to debug. It is specially annoying because I always assumed that audio/video editing was the specialty of Mac computers (I am a 2006 convert).

    I take video with a Kodak digital camera. It's pretty good video for a camara! The format is MOV. And the problem is that when streaming the video the image "stutters" a bit, actually sometime a lot, frezees, and cannot recoup even at times for more that 10 seconds or so. In practical terms it makes watching my new baby videos impractical!

    The problem has always been there since I bought the Macbook. So, slowly I have been updating my network to make it more Apple-compatible. I replaced the Linksys router with an Apple Extreme, then replace my NAS with another enclosure specifically Mac-compatible. I even reformat the drive HFS+ to avoid incompatibilities. I updated the memory in my Macbook to 2 gigs. I installed Leopard. I increased the size of the buffer to 4 gigs in Quicktime. Tested with RealPlayer and other players and the problem still continues. It bafflles me! I honestly don't know what else to do (other than replacing the Macbook altogether).

    The problems seems to also happen with other file formats such as AVI, etc. The Airport Extreme is in G mode right now but I have also tested it in N mode and same thing. The image just freezes for a few seconds randomly and then picks up again. The audio also stops when it does this. The throughput of the video in only 328kbps. The enclosure is USB 2.0 compatible.

    The "funny" thing is that I installed Boot Camp and the first thing I did was test the MOV file and guess what?? It plays without a hitch! That made me so mad I can't explain. So right now it seems it may be MAC OSX related, both Tiger and Leopard. I say this because the hardware works OK under XP. Imagine!

    Do you guys have any better idea on what could I check/fine tune/replace to make this obnoxious problem go away?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Sep 9, 2006

    If somebody helps me I will post my wonderful, GUI-only solution for installing Windows on Boot Camp with just the Upgrade XP CD... :)

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