Streaming WWDC on a Windows PC (w/ Airplay)


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Mar 23, 2007
DISCLAIMER: I cannot confirm this will work with the keynote stream. I can't get videos on Apple's site to work, but videos from other sites work fine. Hopefully the keynote will work.

Surprisingly, it's very easy to setup:

#1: Download and install any iTunes that includes Bonjour (you'll need Bonjour, not iTunes)

#2: Download and install XBMC:

#3: Open XBMC > System > Services > Airplay > Check "Allow XBMC to accept Airplay content" (enter the user pass only if needed)

Watching the keynote

#1 - Open XBMC

#2 - Go to the keynote on your iOS device :

#3 - Once the video starts playing on your iPhone or iPad, you should see the "Airplay" icon. Tap the icon and enjoy!

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