Street Fighter IV on the app store tonight

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by macfan881, Mar 9, 2010.

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    Via Joystiq

    Capcom has revealed the final new character for Super Street Fighter IV, and he's ... well, he's a giant dude covered in oil. Like, Hakan actually oils himself up before each round. This has the aesthetic effect of being extraordinarily off-putting, and the functional effect of allowing him to slide across the stage as if it were the Crocodile Mile. And since he's a grappling-type character, you get these really great squishing noises whenever he grabs another character.
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    Anyone buy this yet? the reviews on the app store seem to be surprisingly good
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    Aside from a limited fighter line up, it's been really well done. The controls are a bit different with just four buttons, and obviously it's as expected not as easy as using a joystick or physical buttons, but the controls are pretty responsive, and the animation runs fairly smoothly on my 3G (I haven't been bothered by noticably slow framerates or anything like that).

    I only wish I had Vega!!!

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