Stressing about Sky BB and Apple AE.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by GamerLuke, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Mar 14, 2011
    I've read online that I will not be able to get the Apple AirPort Extreme to work on sky broadband, because they do not let you use any other router apart from the free one that they have issued you with, which is pretty terrible.

    I'm really annoyed because I want to get a good router, but sky won't let me!

    I've also read that you can bypass this by finding out your sky ADSL username/password, and using that on your new router.

    But if I plugged in my AE into my sky router via an ethernet cable, disabled the wireless connections from the old router and tried to connect my AE that way, would that work?
    Also, if that did work, would I still get the same connection speed with the AE through the old router, compared to if i had it plugged straight into ADSL via a modem, if it actually worked?

    Suggestions would be amazing,
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    got that exact setup at home with a Sky router.

    The airport extreme doesn't replace your existing router, you just plug it into an Ethernet port of your Sky router, then you connect your devices to the airport wifi instead. Your internet speed won't change, but you'll get better range and a faster wifi standard (802.11N), gigabit ethernet ports etc. All great stuff, especially if you have more than one computer at home or want to stream video or share files etc :D
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    You're always going to need a separate ADSL router with the Airport Extreme as it doesn't include ADSL connectivity in it.
    I use BT Broadband and have done a similar thing: The AE is plugged into the BT Broadband router and I've turned off the wireless on the BT router. The other thing is to set the AE to bridged mode otherwise you'll end up with a double nat configuration that could cause problems.

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