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    For those who want to buy one, but were wondering what the deal was, read on.

    I bought mine on Friday night at a Carphone Warehouse store. The buying part was long winded, as the computers and merchant systems were not allowing cards to be read. During this protracted time, I had the change to question the lovely woman in front of me.

    You buy the iPhone regardless. That is, if you fail the 02 credit check, you can return it all and get a refund. You can't get a refund for any other reason. [No wonder unlocking is a worthy route]

    There is no 'change of mind' refund policy. Nor is there a 14 day returns policy. You buy an iPhone, it's yours. [Not sure if this contravenes the UK consumer rights act. Might look into that.]

    There is a checklist of 13 requirements you must have, which includes being 18 or over and having an iTunes account. It even states that you will not get coverage in all parts of the UK. [Maybe 02 don't intend to put EDGE everywhere after all. Currently, I read it is about a 30 - 40% coverage. As opposed to about 80% for 3G] I suspect the 02 deal includes an option on the 3G version, when it arrives, which will quantify the 02 investment in the higher service.

    The iPhone serial number is attached to the contract, so if you lose the iPhone, you still have the contract to pay, and the only way to get another iPhone is to buy another one with another contract.

    I was offered an insurance cover [!], which dealt with this lovely situation. I thought I should, given the strictness of the contract. Extra cost obviously.

    In the last three days I have been over the moon with my iPhone, even if I am paying over the odds on a kings ransom. A part of me says I am a fool getting it, but as the little boy in The Incredibles says, when Bob Par picks up his damaged car to throw, "It's totally wicked!".
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    If you call up O2 and speak to their Helpline they will confirm that you only need to buy another iPhone… not start another contract… The iPhone is not hardwired to your O2 account.

    If you have insurance, then you get a new iPhone from O2…
    If you haven't got insurance you have to buy a new one out of your own pocket.

    But, you do not have to start a new contract while still paying for the old one. :rolleyes:

    Also see this thread:
    I can see an urban myth starting already… ;)
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    Sale of Goods Act 1979 (implied terms about quality or fitness) - would apply to your purchase; that is goods must be fit for purpose, goods must be as described, quality etc

    This act does not give you an automatic right to a refund should you "change your mind" (although many shops have their own return policy which may allow you to do so within a certain period). This does not change your statutory rights (i.e. implied terms about quality and fitness, so you can ignore unlawful signs which say "absolutely no refunds!"). You had already entered into contract to purchase the goods, and both parties gave consideration.

    If you however buy an iPhone by phone, over the internet, mail order - so called "distance selling" - then the story is different. The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 apply to these purchases (unless the goods are personalised), and you have a 7-day cooling off period to return the goods - should do this in writing, but you do not need to give a reason for doing so.

    My advice - if you can always buy an item over the phone or online make sure you do.... it gives you far greater consumer protection despite what people think!

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