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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by BRISTOL86, Apr 4, 2015.

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    Hi Guys

    I'm struggling with photos and I don't think it should be this hard!

    All I want to do is when I take a photo on my iPhone, i want it to appear in iPhoto on my mac. And when I delete one from either device, it goes from the other, so that my photos are always in sync across devices.

    But for some reason everything is more difficult than it should be!!

    I'll take photos in my iPhone, then normally they do appear in iPhoto but only after a long delay. however on occasion they don't appear at all.

    But when I delete from iPhoto they disappear off my photo stream in my phone, but not from my camera roll on my phone.

    How can i make this less complicated?! I'm sure it shouldn't be as difficult as I'm making it :D

    Also, I only got my mac a couple of months ago, so all the photos I took before I got my mac don't show in iPhoto at all. Can I do some kind of sync to get everything across?

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    Yeah, me too. I'm a newbie to Mac. I read that I should connect the iDevice via cable and upload to the Mac, which I did. I watched the process and it took some time. However I dont see them in iPhoto, just recent cloud pix show up in iPhoto.
    I'm sure they are on hard drive but unlike iOS, OS X doesn't just work for me.
    I don't have a solution yet. And I'm too busy figuring out other stuff to mess with the photo problem at this point.
    I don't think we're alone. Maybe someone with a solution will run across this thread.
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    The philosophy behind transferring images from iPhone to iPhoto has been that the Mac be the "safe deposit box" for your images. Space on the iPhone is limited, whereas computer storage space is usually far greater. People routinely move photos to iPhoto so they can preserve them, and then clear space on their phones. Most do NOT want to lose those photos from iPhoto when they delete from the iPhone.

    That said, when OS X 10.10.3 arrives for the general public (likely in the next month or so), you can do exactly as you wish, with the new Photos app and iCloud Photo Library. IF you use iCloud Photo Library, your iPhone and Mac will be in sync as you describe/desire (same photo library accessible from all devices).

    And for those who want to keep more stuff on their Macs than they have on their iPhones (and/or not pay Apple for cloud storage)... Photos can also be used iPhoto-style (library kept on the Mac).

    Why are photos you delete from My Photo Stream still in Camera Roll? Camera Roll displays the photos that are being stored on your iPhone. My Photo Stream consists of photos uploaded to iCloud. So, if you delete from My Photo Stream, you're only deleting them from the cloud. If you delete them from Camera Roll, they're gone from the iPhone. However, Camera Roll and My Photo Stream are NOT synchronized. Things you delete from Camera Roll will remain in My Photo Stream.

    Consider My Photo Stream to be a form of conveyor belt, mostly for moving your images automatically over to your computer (presuming you have your computer setup to automatically save My Photo Stream images). It's not meant for permanent storage (images are deleted automatically after a month), and it's not meant for true synchronization.

    As to the photos that are not yet in iPhoto (or Photos), yes, you can Import them into iPhoto. Just use the Import feature, locate the images using the file browser, and bring 'em on in. (If you think you'll want to use Photos instead of iPhoto, don't worry - everything you've done in iPhoto will be preserved - the iPhoto library will be converted to Photos automatically.)


    When you connect your iPhone to your Mac, both iTunes and iPhoto ought to open automatically on the Mac. You would then use iPhoto to import the images. If iPhoto is not opening automatically, you may have to change a preference. Open iPhoto, open the iPhoto drop-down menu (next to the Apple icon in the top left corner), and select Preferences. Click the General icon in Preferences, and find "Connecting Camera opens..." It ought to be set to iPhoto.

    You'll find more details (and illustrations) in iPhoto's Help: Import photos > From a mobile device > Mobile phone

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