stuck after login screen, the other accounts work

Taz Mangus

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Mar 10, 2011

I have three user accounts. One of them, moet has an issue. When you log in all you get is a wallpaper and a spinning beachball. The other accounts work fine. How can I fix this. I checked system.log, but really don't know what to look for.
Reboot the computer into safe mode (hold down the shift-key) while booting. Login to the user account that is having the issue. Does the issue still happen in safe mode? If it does not, first thing I would try, while in safe mode logged into the same account having the issue, open System Preferences->Users & Groups, select the user account and the Login Items tab. Note everything listed and delete all items. Reboot to normal mode and login to the user account having the issue. Does the issue still happen?
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