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    If you iPhone is regrettably stuck at boot-screen, a user in another post posted this fix - I just thought it deserved its own thread.

    PROBLEM: iPhone unable to move past bootscreen

    Solution: 3 steps: (Make sure the iPhone is DISCONNECTED from your Mac)

    1) Hold sleep/wake button, and Home button together until the iPhone switches off, release before the iPhone boots again. Should the iPhone boot again, repeat and make sure the iPhone is off.

    2) Open iTunes. On your iPhone, hold the Home button pressed while you connect your phone to your mac. Keep the Home button pressed until iTunes prompts you to reset and update your iPhone.

    3) Follow on-screen instructions and choose between setting your iPhone up with factory settings, or restore from a backup.

    Thank you original poster of this fix: b.james13
    I hope this helps, it removed my tears and made my day.

    Good-day to you all.
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    That's not a fix. That's restoring. I want a FIX. I want to get it to BOOT. That is what I would consider a fix.

    Everyone knows to restore if you're stuck at the boot screen, but I want to know how to repair the problem without having to nuke and pave.

    I have tried putting it into recovery mode and rebooting it with iLiberty+ ... no go. I wish it would mount as a USB mass storage device whether or not it's turned on. Then we could at least recover some files if the OS is irreversibly ****ed.
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