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Stuck during iOS 11 beta setup


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Sep 16, 2015
Oviedo, FL
I'm trying to set up the iOS 11 beta on my 9.7 iPad Pro. Everything has gone smoothly until reaching the screen where you set up Siri. I'm unable to get past this screen due to the damn dock covering what I assume are the options to set up Siri now or later. I had my iPad orientation locked before I installed the beta which I can only assume is causing this whole fiasco. I can't swipe up to open the control center to remove the orientation lock, and there appears to be no way to move the dock at the bottom.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could try aside from having to put the damn iPad into recovery mode to remove the beta? I've already tried resetting the iPad about three or four times which has not helped with anything. If I hold down the home button it does nothing. If I push the home button a popup comes up saying the iPad is not finished being set up. You can select continue or Wifi settings. Continue just removes the popup and wifi settings allows you to choose a different wifi network. This ultimately takes me back to the screen I cant get past. I've tried tapping everywhere on the iPad screen with emphasis being around every part of the dock including it and it does nothing but give me a popup about Siri and Privacy. What appears to be a blue button is located behind the dock. There is just no way to press it.

I've uploaded a picture of the screen I'm stuck on.


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Nov 20, 2008
Ventura County
Thank you so much. That was the trick. I had tried putting every app over there on the dock except Safari. The other ones didn't appear to be functioning correctly due to the setup process not being complete, so I guess I didn't even bother trying Safari.
Glad it worked!
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