Resolved Stuck in boot :(

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  1. ANinjaPeanut, Mar 15, 2012
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    Jul 16, 2011
    EDIT: Resolved! :D
    I made my own shell and remounted hard drives, I could then SSH into the phone and delete the files causing the problems :D

    Hey all,
    Recently downloaded a few tweaks in cydia (animate and a fix for animate) when I went to reboot though it got stuck booting, I know what the problem is but I can't get to the file system to uninstall said offending tweaks.
    Is there any way I can access the iPhones files from something like DFU mode/Recovery mode etc.?
    I've tried just booting tethered from redsn0w but it just gets stuck at the boot logo :(
    I would just restore it, even though that's a lot of effort :( but I don't currently have my laptop with me
    I am reasonably competent when it comes to iPhones and computers so don't think I'm a total noob :)
    Cheers in advance
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    I'll be the first to say this, but probably not the last.. You should probably just restore it
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