iPhone Stuck in recovery mode!! error 51 PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by emmanueld123, Feb 1, 2016.

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    Feb 1, 2016
    My friend here at college jailbroke my iphone 6, 64g (sprint). It was great for a while and I had no issues.. When my screen cracked, it all went downhill. My phone started dying on about 25% so I went and tried to restart it which put me into a loop. I took some measures and tips online to get out of the loop.. Now im stuck in recovery mode. I neeeeeeed my phone. I tried to restore it through itunes and I get all types of errors. (usually error 51) I brought it to apple (not telling them it was jailbroken) and they said the reason i cant restore is because I replaced the phone screen... i need help!!!
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    Some clarification here…

    1. Your friend jailbroke your iPhone. Got that part.
    2. You cracked your screen. OK. When?
    3. Your phone started dying, so you restarted it.

    This is where it gets hazy. When did you restart it? Today, last week, yesterday? Did all of this happen today? Is it abnormal for you to restart your phone? Why would your phone be in a loop just by restarting if it was 'great for a while and you had no issues'?

    Or do you mean you did an Erase All Contents and Settings from the phone itself? If so, then a bootloop would be what happens when you do this on a jailbroken iPhone.

    4. You took some measures and tips online to get out of the loop. What measures and tips? And by taking those measures and tips it implies that you have some idea as to what caused the bootloop instead of just a 'restart'.

    5. So you tried to restore it and get all types of errors. That either indicates hardware failure, the user trying to restore to a version of iOS that is no longer signed or the user messing around with the hosts file.

    6. Apple woudn't tell you what they told you if they didn't have a good reason. Did you in fact at some point replace the screen? Because it you did I'm not surprised Apple won't help you. They know what is OEM and what is not and they deny warranty if they find non-OEM parts.

    It would be nice to have a few clear answers, but assuming you did an Erase All Contents and Settings then the answer is to put your phone in DFU mode and restore from iTunes. You have to upgrade and restore. There is no staying on the current version of iOS and you've lost your jailbreak.
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    Feb 1, 2016
    Thank you so much for responding and i apologize for being unclear... Heres a complete detail order of events.

    Around september 2015 i jailbroke the phone (pangu)

    About three weeks ago the screen cracked

    The next day or so I got the screen replaced by a vendor in the mall.

    I noticed very soon after that my phone would die very early so i went searching online for answers.

    Some video on youtube told me to restart the phone by simutaniously holding the power and home button.. That put me in a reboot loop 5 days ago.

    I went to sleep thinking the phone would go through a battle overnight trying t restart... No luck

    The next morning i went back online and tried to boot it using the DFU mode process..

    That process has me stuck at the "plug in to itunes" screen.

    When i plug it in to itunes, it tells me the phone needs to be restored. When I restore it, it says an unknown error has occured or error 51 sometimes.

    I called apple and they said error 51 could possibly be because the restore process doesnt recognize the non-apple screen.

    Hope this was a bit more clear

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    Might sound stupid but every time I've ran into error code 51 for restore if a reboot of the computer didn't fix the problem switching to iTunes in my Windows partition for that restore did.

    Make sure iTunes is fairly up-to-date in both places. I remember Pangu having a specific iTunes version requirement in one of the last two major releases.
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    Aug 31, 2011
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    Much more clear! Thank you!

    I cannot for a certainty tell you what happened, but I would bet that the fault lies with the mall vendor who replaced your screen. These problems only started happening after the vendor replaced the screen. It's a non-OEM part and the vendor was inside your phone to do the work. Unless you were watching over their shoulder the entire time you have no idea what they may have screwed up or not.

    The DFU restore error is most likely due to hardware. You can't restore because something has been physically damaged. And since Apple is telling you this then Apple knows the screen is not an original Apple part (either you told them or they found out).

    Either way you have some bad options. Go back to the vendor and demand your money back, pay Apple for a new iPhone (if you are lucky they might left you have the OoW (Out of Warranty price)) or try a claim with Asurion through TEP (assuming you are paying for TEP).

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